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Debugging Node.js in Docker with Visual Studio Code

10 February, 2018

I ran into this recently, where I really wanted to dig into a Dockerized Node app that I’d been given. I didn’t know a great deal about how…

On Technical Interviews

17 September, 2017

This post was going to be about technical interviews, and how they’re broken in our industry. Broken, unhelpful, considered harmful, in some…

How I Use Bear Notes

14 September, 2017

Talking about my note taking process with Bear Writer in the context of being a knowledge worker. This is what my setup/process looks like…

Scientific Method Over Anecdotal Evidence in Technology Choices

11 June, 2017

*Note: This was originally posted as a comment on Goodbye, Object Oriented Programming * A friend sent me your article, and I had replied…

Exploit vs. Explore

21 January, 2017

I recently started listening to the audio book Algorithms to Live By - The Computer Science of Human Decisions by Brian Christian and…

Abstract Syntax Trees in JavaScript

08 June, 2015

An Abstract Syntax Tree (AST), is a powerful concept in computer science. It is something that allows you to do some interesting things…

Things Great Engineering Managers Do

20 April, 2015

Reacts quickly, and decisively. Has a leadership philosophy. Has thought about it, a lot. Can speak at length about it. Is passionate about…