Work Wierdness

Yesterday at work I had one of the strangest exchanges with a customer on the phone. Well, first I had put a different customer on hold, hoping to finish with the next call I picked up so I could check on mini availability. However, my luck, I get the motivational speaker on the phone. No joke. This guy told me he was a traveling motivational speaker (he certainly was a fast talker), and he didn't fail to tell me that he made $300 dollars/hour and continued to sprinkle F-bombs throughout the conversation. Odd. When he asked what the mac-daddy 15" laptop was, and it's price, I told him $3,000, he said, "That's not bad." Despite all his weirdness, he was relatively nice, insisting that I get credit with his sale, which I was ok with.

All in all, when I was done, the customer waiting for the mini decided she'd waited enough, and wasn't there when I finished with the motivational speaker. Sometimes, you can't win.

Liz made up a song at work yesterday. It goes like this:

I hate work / it's a jerk