Weekend is Almost Here

One more day, and then the weekend is mine. Work in St. Pete is boring. I'm learning a lot, but it's obviously not a job I want to have later on. It just isn't that exciting to me. I wish I had some kind of entry level Coldfusion job. That'd be cool. I can get immersed in coding for hours, and I don't even notice. I definitely think I need to search for a part time Coldfusion job.

Mike is coming down next Tuesday. That should be pretty cool; he's not leaving until Saturday sometime. We should have a good time, I think. I wonder if there is a restaurant like the one in... ah, I can't remember where it was but anyways, it was a restaurant near the airport where you could listen to the pilots/control tower.

Went to the Green Iguana in Ybor City today, Robert payed for me. Can't beat that. I enjoy having both of those guys around, they're infinitely generous, whether it be with knowledge or lunches. I think everyone, especially in this kind of field needs people like that helping them along. I don't know how I would be without them. Probably not half has knowledgeable as I am now, that's for sure (however knowledgeable that is).

Might be able to go and see Verizon's testing lab for routers. Now that will be cool. Robert (again) was nice enough to try to schedule it on a day when I would be in. That should be really neat.

Ok, I dropped as many lines as I can muster tonight. Out.