Tuesdays with Burgers

I hate not being able to write what I want to say. It sounds so good, so eloquent and thought out in my head, but it never seems to trickle down through my neck down to my arms and then to these things called fingers that type into a computer. How am I supposed to know what I want to say without writing it down first? That last sentence isn't my words, it's the words of some famous writer, I think. Wait... Does that mean I just plageurized? Man, that would suck. I don't mean to do that, I was simply repeating some sage words from...well...whoever it is that said that.

So there your credit is said, nameless writer I can't think of, I hope you're happy.

Focus. Writing I guess is the one thing I wish I was really good at, but to be good at something, you have to practice right? So here I am talking about how I have a hard time figuring out what I want to say, and how I want to say it. I love to read, and I really like to write, so why don't I do it more often? Time is always against me, but I know the real rock solid reason is that I simply am distracted by other things.

Damn I get distracted easily. I am the figurehead of my ADD generation, there is no doubt. I easily forget things if I don't stop and make a concentrated effort to remember it. People that are really bad at verbally giving instructions kill me. At best I can take notes and hope to decipher them later. Especially people that are hyper-active, and are bad at delegating tasks. Perhaps I should tactfully ask for a recap, or repeat back to that person what they just said so I get it right. But most of the time (if it is the type of person I'm talking about), then they don't even know what they said 2 minutes ago. Instead of taking a few minutes before you talk to a person and decide what you're going to go over, they just data dump on you, and that sucks. Being able to manage that would be awesome. I think a solution might be, send me an email about it. But I probably end up outlining it in an email and sending it to them instead, and then getting corrections back from them, and then replying to that email, into a never ending vicious cycle of not fucking getting anything done. End Rant.

So at this point I'm fairly impressed that I have written this much. I usually don't get more than a paragraph, if I'm lucky, and then I peter out like it was the 20th mile in a marathon (the massive wall of human stamina, even for experienced marathoners, for those who don't know what I'm talking about here). [that parenthesis should be a footnote prolly]. My cross country coach said the last 4-6 miles of the only marathon he ever ran took him half an hour. Crazy slow for a runner like him. He probably didn't taper his training regiment properly before the race. Yeah, so I read Runner's World every once in awhile. (Wow, I just used the Microsoft Word shortcut for italic text in Writely, and it worked.)

Ok, stop using "So" to start paragraphs. In writing the title to this little piece, I thought I was going to talk about how every Tuesday Liz and I go to Bar Louie with friends to dine on delicious dollar burgers. They are delicious because: a) they are delicious, and b) they are $1. Yes delicious $1 burgers. I know, fantastic, I agree. I can't think of another place that does something like that. Recently they instituted that you must buy a beverage (something other than water), to get the $1 burger deal (while supplies last). Which I guess you could see coming from a mile away, and we still go despite this because of reasons a) and b) above.

That being said, and having actually reached the goal of talking about dollar burger night, perhaps I should close this sucker up.