Thursday feels like Monday

I don't know why but today feels like Monday. Perhaps because I stayed up waaay to late last night just making this simple interface for the website. Maybe it's because I haven't been drinking enough water.

I have PreCalculus today and I haven't got the book yet, because my financials have not "officially cleared". Ugh, it seems even when I start a month ahead of time making sure this shit doesn't happen, it does anyway.

The Registrar's office, the Financial Office, and the Bursar's Office may as well be on separate planets, because they certainly don't have any communication between each other except when one of the bright people who work here says, "make sure you take this paper to [insert your favorite office here], so that you have schedule". Holy shit! Shouldn't they like make a couple clicks on the computer on god-forbide a database driven system that does that for you!!! I've heard that a lot of schools are exactly the same way. And that's just stupid. I think I'm gonna right a book about it.

By the way if you don't use Itunes and it's cool internet radio you're missing out. They did a pretty good job with the program at apple. I used to use Winamp which is fine, but I don't think there is a Winamp port on the Mac, so therefore it's of no use to me anymore.