Real World Cost of Micro$oft Products

I have to say, I can see no reason that a startup would ever use
Microsoft products out-of-the-gate. The costs are too high, and are a
barrier to entry. Going under the assumption that you want one server
box to develop on (not including hardware costs), and that you want to
use all Microsoft products to do so.

I was looking to develop some products on a Windows Server box, and I
came up with the following cost:

  • Windows Server 2003 w/ SP2 - Standard Edition $999 (5 CALS)
  • Office SharePoint Server 2007 $4424
  • SQL Server 2005 $49 (Developer Edition)
  • Visual Studio Pro 2005 $766
  • Sharepoint Designer 2007 $187

TOTAL $6425

So it’s $6,425 dollars (roughly, I’m sure you could get some “deals”
somewhere), to just attempt to develop ASP.NET/SharePoint products on a
Windows box.


Compared to:

  • Linux CentOS $0
  • Apache 2.0 $0
  • PHP/PERL/Python/Ruby $0
  • MySQL $0
  • Eclipse IDE $0


Hmmm, no wonder some of the largest, most
visited sites on the
internet went with option #2. :)