PSP Hackery

The Playstation Portable from Sony, Inc. will be dropping in price soon. And it makes me want to go out and get one again. Apparently the core pack which includes the PSP, a battery, and an adapter will drop from $199 to $169 (source:

Ironically the day before I was talking to a customer at the Sony Style store, and he was showing me some crazy advancements in the homebrew stuff on the PSP.

Some things he showed me were:

  • Emulator that made the PSP look and act like Windows Vista
  • Emulator that played SNES roms
  • A file browser that allowed you to move files around on the PSP without a computer
  • Overclocking the PSP from it's native 266Mhz to 333Mhz
  • A "Safe Startup Mode" that allowed him to not "brick" his PSP and be able to recover it in case something happens
  • Play games right from the memory stick (ISOs of the UMD games)
  • A program that allowed him to stream video from his computer to his PSP (goodbye expensive Location Free)
  • Playable Doom 3 game
  • Obviously customized load screens, when games loaded, it showed matrix code
  • Customized startup sounds and themes
  • Program that emulated/looked like iTunes exactly

I didn't know at the time that PSP hackery had come this far. I got the PSP a week after it was out, and the hacking hadn't developed this far. Some things to note now are that the PSP boxes do not tell you what firmware version is on the PSP you are buying, hence why you'll see tons of firmware v.1.5 all over Ebay and such. Most even have a lot of hacks/games already loaded on there for you, right out of the box. I believe the guy said that you can't downgrade v.3.03 or higher just yet. So if you buy a new PSP out of the box, you are throwing the dice on whether it will be hackable or not.

I checked out the PSPs on display at the Sony Style store and they were versions 2.82, and 3.03 respectively. One hackable, the other, I think not yet.

If anyone out there knows where to find more information on these particular hacks, please leave a comment.