Plastic Tacos

So I got new contacts recently. I was hoping to have the same brand as I've had for 2-3 years now, but apparently Bausch & Lomb, in their infinite wisdom have decided to discontinue these wonderful contact lenses. They were the Soft Lens 66 (the 66 is for how much the contact itself was comprised of water). I was called by my eye doctor's office and told that I would be getting a "comparable" product.


You really don't know how comfortable good contacts are, until you have shitty ones. My morning routine now consists of opening my contact case and finding my lenses folded over like little, clear, plastic tacos. These plastic tacos are much tougher than my contact lenses of yore. As I attempt to peal my tiny, clear, plastic tacos open, I wish I'd told that lady on the phone to shove it. Granted these bastards are tough. I wrap my massive figures around the little tacos of hell, and pull (and literally shake as I do so), they will grudgingly come apart.

Obviously my new plastic taco eyes are made of thicker plastic. Hooray. Comfort is OK compared to my other contacts. My previous brand was phenomenal now that I've had these tough little hombres sitting on my eyes all day.

Lesson for the day: Get Lasik.