OMG, iPhone Rumors Conflict!

I was doing my usual late night thing, browsing the The Interwebs, and checking The Twitter, and I came across this gem:

IPhone Rumors Conflict (Brian Caulfield/Forbes) 7 minutes ago from web

Are you flippin' serious?

OMG, Rumors about the iPhone (a.k.a. "The iPhone", "The Jesus Phone", or my favorite, "Jesus, it's just a phone!") conflict! Ok, ok, timeout (made the hand gesture of a "T"), are you telling me that, unconfirmed rumors, from unconfirmed sources...are conflicting? Well, someone needs to call the blogging police, because someone may be wrong on this one.

How about we all calm down a little bit, take a deep breath, and wait for the freakin' keynote? Can we have a little less speculation this time, leading up to said event? Some of us understand what is really important among all this craziness - for that I applaud you.

"Are you getting an iPhone, if there is such a device coming out on Monday, Kevin?" Man, I'm glad you asked, the answer is you-bet-your-apple-fanboy-wearin'-hat I am, regardless of what other people think.