Notes on a Meeting

I came across some awesome meeting notes I took a few months ago. Here is what amounted to about three pages of what a colleague of mine coined, "". Essentially you write short quips on the page, that roughly equate to the length of a tweet on, written with the first posts at the top, and then continuing down the page, as you go. (And yes, I literally wrote the timestamps out on the page, in the beginning, they are here in this post, and then I stopped doing it because it was cumbersome. Ha ha.)

Fascinatingly enough, it actually turned in to a great writing exercise that brought up some interesting thoughts on the meeting I was in.

Waiting for a meeting to start.
	- posted seconds ago via pen

Posting with my right hand!!
	- posted minutes ago via pen

Where would I.T. be without virtualization?
	- posted seconds ago via pen

"The realization to the potential of an 'event'."
That's some words there.
	- posted seconds ago from a pen

When you have 10 different systems performing your main business
competency, the shit gets crazy fast.

I suggest the new name for our all-inclusive system be, "The thing, at
the place, with the guy, that does the magic stuff and what not."
Short and snappy.

This meeting should have a word bingo board that includes the words,
"The Intersect", "event", "platform", "innovate", "integrate", and
"consolidation". And if it was a  drinking game, I'd so be hammered
right now.

I just found out I'm part of "Business Operations". Uhh, cool.

Is the Automation Team going to be called the A-Team?

I'll bring that up @ tomorrows meeting
	-By @Mario 3:05pm

And does that make the BSC the "B" team?

"Changes" sometimes means "Oh shit, watch out!".

I need a shirt that says, "Top Performer".

" bed."

"No longer with the company", sounds like, so morbid.

**C**ost **R**eduction **A**pplication **P**rogram

Three pages of posts, I'm awesome.

It seems figuring out how long something should take is way
more difficult that it should be.