No Lovin for the Mac on NTFS

Well, I was curious as to why my Mac mini wasn't turning up Spotlight results for my attached 200GB firewire drive. I knew it was NTFS, and I remember never being able to write to it from a mac, only read. I thought it was just permission issues, so I never investigated further. But now after a little Googlin', I find that out for sure that it's more than that.

I even tried some "sudo mdutil -s 200GB" action, and it said "Error: Could not get indexing status for volume." Translation = "No Spotlight for you! (on NTFS drives)". The reason being is that nothing other than a windows machine can write to a NTFS drive. Since Spotlight must write the .Spotlight-V100 index file to the drive to do it's thing, it's a no go.

Damn it all. I guess I will have to reconnect the 200GB NTFS drive to my windows machine and share it, so that my mac can get some love as well. Although I'll have to copy files from the mac to the XP machine, and then to the external drive......fantastic. I'll probably end up writing an apple script that will copy the files to the XP shared folder that I'll purpose just for that. And then write a batch file to use RoboCopy to copy it from that specified folder on the XP box to a particular folder on the external firewire drive for sorting later. Phew, what a freakin' mess!

All because Microsoft decided to be propiertary once again (Linux can't even write to NTFS drives!....or so I thought). Those jerks. How dare they make me work.