muxtape icon

muxtape fluidapp icon by Kevin Ridgway

I used to make mixtapes back in the day. It all started when I found out that my brother's dual-cassette deck stereo could record songs off of the radio onto cassettes.

And thus mixed tapes, for me, was a hobby for a time. Obviously, as a web whore, finding out that someone had made a terrific webapp based on the oldie idea of making mixed tapes, I was an immediate fan:

Of course finding out how you could use the cool thumbnail-as-coverflow feature with and muxtape, was awesome! And brought me to making this (ok, somewhat poor) fluidapp icon for muxtape. I believe someone had posted one to the flickr group for fluidapp icons already, but I believe mine is bigger (it's true!). And in digging around, if someone wants to make a better one, I found the original istockphoto for muxtape.

I hope someone finds some use for it, or makes a better one, and posts it to the fluidapp group on flickr.