Jaiku vs. Twitter: Who is winning the 140 character war for users?

I've written previously about Twitter, but I've just started to get into Jaiku (like "haiku" but with a "j"), which seems to be a rising hottness alongside Twitter in purpose and functionality.

These two applications are similar in that they allow you to update your own site that they provide, with 140 character snippets of insight. You type into a box at the top of the page, and the post shows up below that field once you submit it. You are allowed to add friends and see their updates (and their locations if they choose) on your page, if they have an account as well. You are allowed to get updates, and to update from your phone via SMS in both applications. That's where the similarity in functionality ends though, as I think Jaiku took the logical next steps.

There is much more functionality in Jaiku, and I think that's what's going to make me do the switch. (They're documentation seems easier to understand as well as far as the API goes).

Here is the rundown of the features big and small that Jaiku has, and Twitter does not:

  • Here is the big one: Ability to add outside sources of info such as your Flickr photos, Youtube Vidoes, and even Twitter tweets
  • Ability to add icons to each post
  • If you have a Nokia S60 series phone (pretty specific, huh?), then you're in luck, because they have a mobile app for you
  • The interface seems cleaner than Twitter, and more pleasing to the eye

Jaiku is the more feature rich web application at the moment. I'm sure we'll see Twitter develop these same features and more into it's site soon. I'm torn at the moment as I have some time invested in Twitter, but I think I like Jaiku much more.

A note about this blog:

I may have to switch up my new design I have in the works. I had a Jaiku-like page planned (that basically did the same thing in aggregating everything interesting about me on the net, like Flickr, Google Reader, Tweets, etc.). I may have to digg into the Jaiku api, and still do it, but change up the design some.

It sucks when I basically had the idea without knowing about Jaiku or Twitter, some time ago. The one page aggregator thing has been done before, but I still love the idea, and I still may do my own. I'm not sure if it will incorporate Jaiku or if I will write something from scratch.