It’s Been Awhile

Yeah, yeah, I know this was going to happen from time to time. I slacked and didn't update everyday for awhile. Well, all is good so far, going to Defcon, going to have some fun on August 1-3!! Woo hoo! If you don't know what Defcon is then go here -only the best computer security conference in the world!

Definitely going to have some fun times there. I bought a new 128MB card for my digital camera so there will be pictures! It was amazing too, I'd forgotten that I originally only had 8MB cards, so when I popped in the 128MB and saw that I had 588 pictures to take; I nearly had to change my shorts.

Times are good, just trying to find someone to replace me at my current place of employment , I hope we find someone quick too, so I can transition into a new job (which I am also currently looking for). Damn I'm busy.