iPod Touch: Ya, or nah?

Well, I was hoping that my newly installed JVC KDPDR30 Mobile Head Unit with iPod Control would work with the iPod Touch that I'm thinking about getting.

But alas my heart flutters and dies:

I can still use the headphone jack into the auxiliary input right?

8GB: 299 * 1.07 = 319.93
16GB: 399 * 1.07 = 426.93

So $107 bucks for double the storage capacity. Is it worth it?

And this particular review doesn't bode too well for the device either:


Maybe a good 'ol software update that improves battery life and adds a few applications will set me over the edge, but right now, maybe it's not for me.

Maybe. (I still want to test mobile safari on a real device, for the web apps that I want to develop.)