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Indie Hackers Alfred Workflow

June 12, 2018

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Browse and Search Indie Hackers Posts from Alfred

This is an Alfred Workflow that allows you to easily see the top posts from Indie Hackers*. I wanted an easy way to check out the latest posts, so I created this workflow since I’m a heavy user of Alfred for all things automation.

Screenshot of Indiehackers Alfred Workflow

The Alfred Workflow

Created using the wonderful Alfy from Sindre Sorhus.

The Backend Service

A simple micro service using ’micro’, deployed on Zeit.

  • Node.js
  • Uses async/await
  • node-fetch used to make requests to the external site
  • cheerio for the loading the content and grabbing the right HTML nodes
  • Simple cache based on a timer, so many requests will be memoized and served from memory rather than making a request to the external site for every request to the service; cache expires after a configurable amount of time

*Note: Not directly affiliated with the Indie Hackers site itself, just an Indie Hacker community member here scratching my own itch.

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