In Miami, at FoWA

Future of Web Apps

I'm sitting about four rows back waiting for Jabber: Building the Real-Time Web to start. Looks like @blaine has to use Carsonified's Macbook Pro, rather than his Macbook Air, since the air has a different video out connection that most Macs (big surprise).

My hotel is The WhiteLaw hotel, and it is very strange (pics to come). The beds are too small, the water pressure is weak, and it's just decorated really really weird. I grabbed a cab and took the Venetian Causeway to the Knight Concert Hall, Carnival Centre. Short ride, but I think cab fares are going to kill me if I keep up this rate. I have to find out how to get on the Muni.

More updates to come, for certain. Haven't had a Kevin Rose sighting yet (but from his Pownce and other's Twitters, he looks to be in town already), or anyone else "famous" per se.

I think I realized this morning that this class will require some RoR knowledge. I'd better install it now...