Googling Myself and the Social Web

Googling Myself

Since the re-launch of my blog/personal site. I wondered how I fared in the google rankings when searching for "kevin ridgway". Yes I know, shameless self googling. But hey, everyone does it right?

Low and behold, I'm none other than fourth down on the list! Pretty impressive for the blog being back up only for what, two weeks now? Goes to show you that Wordpress is a pretty sexy SEO machine in and of itself. To my dismay I"m still not numero uno when searching for my own name. That freakin' defensive lacrosse player from Notre Dame is crampin' my style, first with a news story about him, and second by his bio on the fighting irish sports page. He looks to be 6' 6", 200+ pounds, so I think I'll let it slide this time. Ironically, my profile is second in the search for "kevin ridgway". So when I created that for my attendance at the Future of Web Apps in Miami
, I didn't really know that I would be competing with myself. And in looking in my settings of that profile, I can't see anywhere to delete it easily. Looks like I'd have to contact the admin of that particular crowdvine social group.

In going to the Future of Web Apps and hearing Kevin Marks talk about Open Social, it makes me realize that I need to better manage my online identity. Too often I forget that I"m a part of some social web app out there, and forget to include it. Right now I'm simply using Wordpress's built-in blogroll that uses microformats. I plan to make something more substantial in the near future to consolidate all my "identities" onto one page here on my site.

With all this talk about "identity", and "social" on the web, it's easy to get a bit light-headed thinking about the direction that the web is going. All I know is that I want to be a part of it, and it's going to get interesting as we balance on the precipice of the new direction that the web has taken. Gets me all excited in my pants and what not.