Getting Things Done: The Weekly Review and Why it’s Important

My note to myself before I left my desk for a bathroom break was

"-clean [computer] desktop
-hit the Lists""

After coming back to my desk, I realized that I had not done my proper weekly review in some time. That is frustrating. It was heartening to find however that I am not alone, and that most people find this the most difficult thing to do when adopting the GTD methodology. To firewall that time that I need to really keep your head clear, and my tasks were where the should be, on a list.

Lists good. Clutter in head, bad. An easy assumption, but one very very hard to deal with, because everyone has been teaching me otherwise my whole life. Referring back to "the good book of Getting Things Done", this "Psychic RAM", as it's called is limited, and prone to errors. But most notably, it prevents me from being awake and in the present.

What do I mean by this? Well, I'm glad you asked. What I mean is that, I've found an interesting thing happens when you I have my shit together. I've found when I stay on top of my weekly review, that I am more creative, feel less stressed, and generally feel better. I would even say that I even physically feel better.

If you've not read David Allen's Getting Things Done book I highly recommend it. It is simple and flexible way to deal with "stuff", and turn all the "stuff" in your head into actionable items. It's much easier to deal with things, when you can break them down into smaller steps that bring your "things" closer to completion.

Here are a few sites that I frequent that expound and talk about this topic: (The original by the man who started GTD)