First Blog

My first Weblog (Blog, as it's referred to). First I would like to say that:

Microsoft Access sucks, switch to SQL.

That out of the way, I think this blogging thing is pretty neat. I'm going through a basic service that Blogger offers. It's pretty simple, and upon seeing their blog posting system, I had the urge to write my own in Coldfusion (if you don't know what Coldfusion is go to the Macromedia website, cool stuff). I wonder if there are custom tags out there for it, already? Probably. But I still might want to do it.

Anyways, being this is the first blog, I'm not gonna get too involved, I have statistics, and it's a' callin', unfortunately. So I'm off to the land of percentages, standard deviations, and insanity.

Yeah, I came back and re-edited this blog, they don't have spell-check in their posting system (note to self on Coldfusion version). And their text area editing field leaves a lot to be desired, but hey it's free (unless you move to the professional one, then you have to pay).

I'll be able to write everyday now (if I'm disciplined enough), and that could be a good thing.

Had to edit this one a third time, they don't let you choose html/plain text mode when doing these, but they say you can do both, but it has glitches. Grrr. (Coldfusion version coming in the future!)