Fahrenheit 9/11

So what can you believe?

That's a question I've asked myself a lot when watching TV, visiting news sites, and watching movies. How much is Big Brother watching us? Michael Moore has made a very interesting documentary.

I highly recommend it, whether your right or left, or in the middle of the political spectrum. But I ask myself how much of this movie can I believe? If I can believe 1/25th of it, it's scary. How can there be these kind of things going on with Bush and his family ties with oil, defense contractors, and the Bin Laden family?

How can one man get the presidency that has these kind of links? Is it money? Is it because of power? Or maybe you're one to believe that the American Public is stupid. Or perhaps the American Public is not stupid, but just being taken advantage of horribly. As the sons and daughters of our country are sent to battle to support the very administration that profits enormously from the war it has created?

I'd be very interested in seeing some comments on this one.