Email Bankruptcy

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I thought all I had to worry about as a young adult would be financial debt. I never thought in a million years that there would be this movement of people that needed to "bankrupt their email". I never had too much of a problem with email, and I wasn't sure why these other bloggers were making such a big deal of it.

Then it hit me when I read John Grubber's post on Rethinking Email: It's a generational gap. The prevelant bloggers like Merlin Mann and John Grubber that are speaking to these things are people that have been in the interwebs business awhile.

While I cannot remember a time without the Internet, I can remember when there wasn't widely available free email accounts. And when I did finally have more access to the Internet around 1995 or so, there was Hotmail and a few other big players, and I didn't think anything of email management and the sort then.

The difference is that they used email in a college/business environment before I ever got my first Hotmail account, and that makes our perspectives on email entirely different for sure. They've been using it for 15 years, and I've been using it regularly for six maybe.

I think us kids can learn a lot from the likes of Merlin Mann and his Inbox Zero Series and Presentation. Hopefully, having grown up in the infancy of the webmail (yes I realize that was a huge paradigm shift at the time), I can have the foresight to not let my email get to the point of bankruptcy.

I stand on the shoulders of veteran email giants.