(Don't) Click Here!

I hate "click here" links. I especially hate it when I'm given copy to put on a website that people will actually see. It's embarrassing as a web developer. For those people out there in charge of giving copy that will be on a website, and you are including links, don't do it!

If you're not sure what text the link should be a part of, ask your friendly neighborhood developer. Or simply give them the copy, and at the bottom a list of links. And then ask them to put them in the copy where they think it's appropriate. Don't ever use "click here"! I'm don't going to go in to the why of the details, when it's already been covered somewhere else on why it's bad to use "click here" as the link text.

Please, please from the bottom of this web developer's heart. Don't do it anymore, mmkay? I'd hate to see you get embarrassed, by your fellow webdevs.