Choices, Choices

In reference to my 6/15/03 blog, I noticed I was at a crossroads of sorts. I do have a job doing Coldfusion (limited) and Photoshop. It's nice to get paid for what you do, but I still want more. I'm not sure what it is yet. Should I combine my IT skills in another field? Should I stay in the IT field?

I hope the classes Beg. Computer Graphics, and Systems Analysis and Design I, this semester, will help me decide what I like more (or at least come closer to a decision). Interesting how different those classes are, and yet I know I will do well in both. Perhaps some career that combines the two? But how? More questions, more thinking, more work experience... more writing. Ah, writing, that's another one I must mull over in my head. I like to write....but a career in it? I don't know. I was thinking maybe a career publishing a magazine like WIRED would be awesome. The combination of the great content they provide in their writing, and their stunning art/photos. Maybe I should lean more towards that? I know my time at The Moroccan should help towards that publishing/writing/art end.

Money is important, but not as important as my happiness, I think.