Business, Email, and Irritation

Email isn't that new, right? I don't think so. But it's interesting how varied actual good communication is via email from company to company. Some companies that's about your only choice, email them, or forget getting answers to your questions. Then other companies have absolutely no email at all.

Then there is the most frustrating in the spectrum: the advertisement of an email address, but not delivering on that promise. I would think in the year 2007 that just about every company would have at least one working email address that they check regularly to attend to their day to day business. I understand companies that might not even have an internet connection, or small mom and pop shops, more than likely, don't have such things, but a company that has all of the above prerequisites, and then on top of that tells you on their website to contact them via email?

I am on day three waiting for a response from my veterinarian about a simple quote on my next scheduled visit with my dog Tyler.

No answer.

I think any business, especially one that has a website (and a web-based management system for their appointments...ahem), should have a working email, that some employee is monitoring constantly. Computers and communicating via email, from a business to a customer is standard practice. Any business that is somewhat connected should be on top of this.


Yes I understand that there is this new fangled thing called a "phone". And that one can pick up this device, press a particular set of numbers, and actually speak into the device and communicate via wires to another human being using another one of said devices. But this is so old school, and time consuming. <bragging>I can get a good email off and into someone's inbox in probably on average about 9 seconds.</bragging> As opposed to 4-5 minutes on the phones. I don't have to worry about loud air conditioners impairing the other person to hear me, when I try to make a phone call on my lunch either. I think that emails can be more clear and concise as well.

All I ask is that businesses take a little care with their email if they so choose to have one and publish it.