Back to the Grind

It's already Wednesday, this past month has gone by so fast, it's not even funny. Note to self, start working on a graphics portfolio. If you don't have one, then how are you going to get the job you want?! (duh) I've been so busy, it's been hard for me to look ahead like that. And here I am, already missed a day in my blogs. It's 7:13a.m., I have to get ready for work soon.

I hope that Liz and I can get an apartment and afford it. That'd be great, maybe one with a pool, and workout room. I don't know, we'll see. Maybe one of Sheri's friends can hook us up with a nice deal. That'd be cool. This campus thing is just getting old. I'm surprised how fast that happened. I guess when you in a relationship like that, and you actually like being around that person all the time, it's cool. For other people, I know it's not, and they've had problems moving in together. I don't see any problems with us, too rock-solid. Good song, by the way, "Rock Steady" Highly recommend.

Las Vegas thing is a go, I already have my ticket, which reminds me I have to pay Greg back. I got Enfish 6.0 Professional, a nice personal information organizer/searcher that indexes all your files on your computer, making them easily searchable. Very nice. VMWare is cool too, very matrix -esque, as I call it.

Well I gots to go, off to work, then class....done at 9:15p.m. ugh