A New Year and New Possibilities

Writing is hard for me. I think it's the Libra in me. Everything is a freakin' production for no reason. I should go running when I should go running, and I should write if writing is what I want to do. I read a random website today talking about what kind of person I was by knowing my birthday and it said that I, "was likely to have a tough time finding purpose their because they're going in so many directions at once".

This is sadly true.

I think since I'm of the "creative creed", I'm more like a flailing artist who can't remember where he put his last paint brush, than a tight-ass business type who has his shit together. I'm starting to wonder if I can ever get organized with myself, to stop making outlandish commitments internally with myself and breaking those commitments and feeling shitty about it. I am trying to get my "Getting Things Done" act together (although I've seemed to get the gist that you fall off the wagon quite a few times before you get consistent with it, like 2 years worth!), but I find the harder I try, the farther I seem to get away from my goals.

I'm not dumb, I'm just smart enough to know that I have potential to do whatever I want, but never be able to finish anything. Merlin Mann seems somewhat like me, but at least he started 43folders.com. I can't even get my damn kevinridgway.com started.

It really comes down to colors. I can't choose a color scheme for the site...


I'm conscious enough to know I should be going somewhere, but find myself unable to get started.

Perhaps this first post of 2007 will get me headed in the right direction.