1996 Web Development Nostalgia: A Terrible Wonderfulness

Zach Holman, on his blog:

Have you ever shoved a <blink> into a <marquee> tag? Pixar gets all the accolades today, but in the 90s this was a serious feat of computer animation. By combining these two tags, you were a trailblazer. A person capable of great innovation. A human being that all other human beings could aspire to.

You were a web developer in the 1990s.

You're damn right I was, and it was a terrible wonderfulness. [1]

1. What is even sadder, however, is that I, not even four years ago, had the task at a large corporate company, to add a SharePoint webpart, that was just that, a Marquee, for the company's intranet. Weeps silently.