Noisy Brains and Creative Discipline

Sometimes, ok, a lot. I have a hard time focusing on creative endeavors. As Ze Frank, says in his 'Brain Crack' episode: When I get an »

Creating a GIF Gallery with Panamax

And Then There Was the GIF The Internet would be nowhere without the GIF. Entire sites, whole server farms, are dedicated to serving you the perfect »

The Docker PaaS, Octohost

The Many Armed Docker PaaS I've been delving into Docker the last few months. One of the many projects that have sprung up around Docker, is »

This Is Why I Believe the Unix Philosophy Is Inherently Right

This is why I believe the Unix philosophy is inherently right: programs shouldn’t be vague, squishy things that grow in scope over time and are »


Drift is both a state and a time. The high volume of information consumption has forced my brain into high gear to process and analyze it »